Friday, August 12, 2016

Revolutionary Times?

Revolution comes when the productive forces come into conflict with the relations of production -- well -- that is what the vast majority of the wealth going to the 1% while millions are living in poverty means -- the productive forces are capable of taking care of all of us but the regime of global inequality has highjacked the relations of production to benefit a few. The revolutionary situation is here but the Marxists have not recognized it and are not directing it; instead Trump and the ultra-right are trying to ride to power on the general discontent being bred by the inequity regime while we have been misled into supporting HRC a major representative of that regime -- we should have tried to magnify and grow the Bernie or Bust (even without Bernie) movement into a Third party challenge and wrecked the Democratic Party as Trump has wrecked the Republican -- out of the general ruin resulting from the smash up of the two party system we could have rallied the masses to a new party that would fight inequality, isolate the Trump discontents, and win over the working people and the unions to the new dispensation. But it looks like our actual course has been to strengthen the forces of reaction and inequality a la the HRC controlled Democratic Party while day dreaming about a Bernie faction within the DP coming to power, or worse to have paved the way for a Trump victory by not breaking with the DP and putting forth an independent Bernie based political coalition. We have a revolutionary situation, the productive forces and the relations of production are in a screaming contradiction we can all hear -- not only politically but Nature itself is being pulled apart and destroyed by this contradiction -- let's not muddle along with the lesser of two evils two party system and allow Fascism to seize the day, our day if we would only open our eyes and see the Sun.  Maybe this is just an ultra-left mental breakdown: I'll take two shots of Stolichnaya and see what's up with Trump today -- maybe BHO and HRC are responsible for Zika.

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